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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Islamic Republic of Iran

[Date:] 11 Jamadiul-Aval 1401 (18 March 1981)

[Number:] 520- Year II

Page 4


In accordance with the orders of the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, two individuals accused of collaboration with global Zionism were arrested.

Shiraz – Reporter of the Islamic Republic newspaper

The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz released the following statement in relation to the results of the trial of the two individuals connected with global Zionism. 

“The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz reviewed the charges against two individuals, named Mihdi Anvari Nafti, son of Masih, and Hedayatollah Dehghani, son of Nasrollah, natives of Abadeh, Shiraz.  Following a few days of trial, [the court] issued a verdict as follows:

“The first accused was a member of the national consultative Baha’i assembly [National Spiritual Assembly].  He and his father both wrote poetry in praise of the defunct Shah and his damned father, and collaborated with the SAVAK, and were actively involved in dividing Muslims and instigating tension among them. [He was] also in contact with the treasury in Haifa, the center of espionage for Zionists in Israel, and offered them financial aid, and received written praise [for his service].  [He] was also involved in the recent coup d’état, collaborated with the uprisings, was in close partnerships with Colonel Vahdat, one of the most notorious Zionist spies, and was involved in many more crimes.

“The second accused was a very active member of the Baha’i assembly in Abadeh, who also had close connection with Colonel Vahdat, and exerted much effort to lead Muslims astray and convert them to Bahaism, especially the illiterate and simple-minded villagers.  He put a lot of pressure on Baha’i brothers, who recanted and returned to Islam. According to evidentiary documents and his own admissions, he contacted 250 of the village elders, policemen, and leaders of the Ashyer [tribe] in Fars, for which he received written praise from the Baha’i assembly. He recorded telephone conversations with the authorities and was involved in many other crimes.

“The two accused were tried for corrupt persons, spreading corruption, and for ‘waging war against God and His Twelfth Imam, may God exalt His station, and for collaboration with global Zionism, and were sentenced to execution.

“The court order, subsequent to the endorsement of the Supreme Court, was carried out at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.”   Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz