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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Agency

Date: 20/6/1368 [11 September 1989]

Number: 21-212


In view of Mr. Javad Vojdani Ghamsari’s absence [from military service] from 24\4\1360 [15 July 1981] until 21/2/1361 [11 May 1982] during the war, and in accordance with the directives from the prosecutor general of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding [the conditions under which] individuals [are exempted from military service], you are warned to present yourself within 15 days to Branch 8 of the Office of the Prosecutor. 

Should you fail to attend, you will be sentenced in absentia.

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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Agency

Ahvaz Station


Head of (IRIB) Broadcasting of Ahvaz - Sayyid Hosein Sheikhzadeh

20/6/1368 [11 September 1989]