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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Abrar

[Date:] 17 Mehr 1370 [9 October 1991]


Political Sects Invade Pakistan

The trend of Western conspiracy against the growing wave of Islamism in the world has accelerated.

The progress and growth of Islam in the world, which is now referred to as the period of “religious-political” rule, has emerged, twelve years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. ….

In the meantime, the discord creators, with the support of the West, especially the United States, have intensified their influence in Pakistan. The United States is working hard to provide a more open space for the Baha’i political sect in Pakistan. The sect has established centres in Israel, Britain and the United States with the support of the Zionists and has taken the lead of its elements to infiltrate the points of [their] interest. The Baha’i political sect is now turning to Pakistan to start a new organization in this country and take advantage of the chaos that the Wahhabis have created in that country.

The activity of the Baha’i political sect in the Islamic State of Pakistan, under the pretext of the freedom of minorities, is, in fact, the recognition of this inhuman sect, whose founder, as an instrument of British politics, formed the riots of the Nasserite period in Iran, and then its later leaders started preaching in Turkey and Britain, and some of them were honoured with the title of “Sir” [knighthood] by the king of England.

Undoubtedly, preparing the ground for the growth of the Baha’i political sect in Pakistan is the evolution of another ring of anti-Islamic conspiracy in the Middle East, especially in the vicinity of the Islamic Republic of Iran.