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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Governor General of the Tenth Province

Copy of the report number: 4717/J dated 25 Aban 1322 [17 November 1943] of the Section 8 of Isfahan Police Force, the original registered number 9731 dated 28 Aban 1322 [20 November 1943].


Provincial Governor General of the Tenth Province

According to the report received from the police force of Shahreza, a group of approximately fifty men, women and children, who are Baha'is and Jews, have come to Shahreza. Most of them are traders from Kashan, Tehran and surrounding areas. It is mentioned that they have received orders from the Assembly that in the future Tehran will be in danger; therefore, they should disperse to different places and at least nine people must settle in every location. Some of them mentioned that the reason for their move was shortage of food and other necessities in the centre [central part of the country] and they decided to come and live where the food and other necessities are plenty. Among them are tailors, barbers and shop keepers. They are busy working and have purchased for themselves lands, residential houses and buildings. As their current intention is not clear, [you are] requested to instruct that investigations be carried out in other districts about their activities.


The Head of the Section 8 of Isfahan Police Force: Colonel Shams Malekara [signature]


[Handwritten Note1:] Copy is identical to original. Ehteshami

[Illegible] 1 Azar 1322 [23 November 1943]