Abol-Ghasim Shayegh

Born: 1939, Tehran     

Executed in Tehran on 3rd March 1987


After completing his primary and high school education, Abol-Ghasim Shayegh obtained a degree in history from Tehran University.  He was then employed by the Ministry of Finance and worked in that capacity until the time of his dismissal at the commencement of the Islamic Revolution. 

Abol-Ghasim Shayegh was arrested on 13 February 1984, he was imprisoned in both Evin and Gohardasht prisons.  Little is known of his imprisonment; however, it is certain that he spent many months in solitary confinement.  He was executed on 3 March 1987 at Evin prison.  His family was not informed of his execution and his body was not returned to his family; he was possibly buried by the authorities.



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