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Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Prosecutor for the Islamic Revolution

City of Qaemshahr


Number: 5778

Date: 9/11/1363 [29 January 1985]



In the Name of God

Qaemshahr Medical Network

With reference to letter number 4/7/18247 of 9/11/1363 [29 January 1985], we advise herewith that Mr. Abdol-Missagh Derakhshani, son of Masihollah, was arrested on 27/5/1363 [18 August 1984] for being a member of the [Local] Assembly of the perverse Baha’i sect in Qaemshahr, and for his membership in the emergency Committee [that replaced] the disbanded Assemblies.  Based on the judgment of the Qaemshahr Islamic Revolutionary Court and upon declaration of  the Public Prosecutor that no crime was proven to have been committed, [Mr. Derakhshani] was released on 17/10/1363 [7 January 1985]


Office of the Prosecutor for the Islamic Revolution, Qaemshahr

9/11/1363 [29 January 1985]



[Handwritten footnote]

In the Name of God

Medical Affairs, brother Dr. [illegible] take action

9/12/1363 [28 February 1985]


[Illegible Stamp]