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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force

Police Force of Fars


Official minutes of interrogation and proceeding

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S [Question]–[Upon] introducing yourself, the provisions of Addendum 125 of the Amended Code of the Criminal Procedure Act, will be explained to you. Consider your statements carefully.

J [Answer]- Name: Abdol-Hosein Son of:[illegible] Mohammad, Surname: Taslimi Nickname:----Age: 58, Occupation and Place of work: Engineer, place of birth [redacted] resident of: Tehran[redacted], Religion: Baha’i, citizen: Iran, I have/ I do not have prior criminal record. I have /I don’t have wife /without husband and children, and I was made aware of the provisions of Addendum 125 of the Amended Criminal Procedure Act. Whenever I change my residence, I will inform [your office]. I am careful about my statements. 


S [Question] - State your complaint

J [Answer] – I was informed by way of a phone call, on the 17 Shahrivar 58 [8 September 1979], that a group of people from Shiraz , were purposefully gathered around the buildings in Shamshirgaran [Shamshirgarha] Lane and around the house attributed to His Holiness the Bab. This property is the responsibility of the Omana Company and [illegible]. The people wanted to attack the building. I was told at 11 in the morning that this group of about 150 people was being guided and led by individuals who have been mentioned in the summarised bill presented to the Prosecutor’s office. These individuals went to [Mahdieh which is] next to the aforementioned building and attempted to demolish the building. The next day, again, the people under the guidance of Mr. [Masoud] Shomali continued the demolition of the building. On the first day, the people were accompanied by two individuals who wore religious clothes, namely Mr. Toubai and Mr. Hashemi and also Mr. Asadpour the consultant. These people were from the Mehdieh Committee. Today a complaint was submitted to the Prosecutor’s office and [it was] ordained that our complaint be submitted to the Police station. For three days, the 17,18, and 19 of the current month of Shahrivar [8, 9, and10 September], [they] continued to exert their prejudices by completely demolishing the building attributed to His Holiness the Bab and the nearby buildings began to be demolished as well. Today, [I] visited the location with the two police officers whom you despatched. However, no one was at the location. Their absence today might be due to the public holiday [illegible]. Anyway, as the company’s lawyer in Shiraz, Mr. Ghodratollah Ghodrati and the engineer, Mr. Kourosh Talaie (who is the representative as well as the engineer of the company) are aware of the demolition. They can present the required explanation to the police station and identify those people who undertook the demolition. This operation was premeditated as is evidenced by the shovel and pick and destruction tools that were available from the night before, in Mahdieh in Shamshirgaran lane. I therefore request your attention and immediate investigation and seek the suspension of this operation and the prosecution of the instigators and those responsible. The ownership, management and representative documents of Mr. Ghodrati have been presented to the Prosecutor’s office as an enclosure of the submitted bill.