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Bonyad e -Mostazafan Foundation

Division of Expropriated Assets

In the Name of God, the Exalted






Dear Mr. Taslimi

This is to inform you that Sherkat-e Omana [Omana Cooperative] has been expropriated in accordance with the order of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecution. You are hereby asked to bring all documentations related to this company on Monday 15/5/1358 [6 August 1979] at 10:00am to the company office.

Temporary Administrator for Omana Cooperative

Mr. Azadegan


[handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Also, Mr. Taslimi, please notify the following to attend.

Mr. Yadollah Khodabakhsh, Mr. Rahmatollah Mehraeen, Mr. Attaollah Haghighi, Mr. Ezzatollah Saffar, Mr. Sirous Anwar, Mr. Houshang Nikdin, Dr. Mohammad Varqa, Mr. Riazollah Tebyani, Mr. Mohammad Bagher Ahrari (Karaj), Mr. Ghodratollah Samadani and Mr. Hoshang Mahmoudi


[contact details] of Omana Cooperative