Abbas Idelkhani

Born: 1931, Zanjan

Passed away in prison in Tehran on 1st August 1985


Abbas Idelkhani was born into a Baha’i family.  He was arrested on 23 April 1981.  He was imprisoned in the Zanjan police prison for three years, awaiting a trial and verdict.  He was then transferred to a militia prison in the south of Zanjan and in April 1985 transferred to Evin prison in Tehran.

On 4 August 1985, Abbas Idelkhani’s wife was called to Tehran by the authorities to visit her husband.  Upon her arrival however, she was not permitted to see him and was ordered to remain in Tehran.  Then on 19 August 1985, she received a telephone call informing her that he had died in his prison cell.  The family’s requests for his remains and belongings were denied.  His body was not returned to his family; he was possibly buried in a Muslim cemetery called Behesht-e Zahra by the authorities.  The date of his passing, as indicated by the cemetery’s list of burials, was 1 August 1985. 


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