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Office/Area ……

Number ……

Date …….

Enclosure …….




Ministry of Roads

Iranian Public Railways


5176/25- [Date:] 12 Ordibehesht 1341 [2 May 1962]


Office of Human Resources, Iranian Public Railways


Since Mr. Abbas Ghavami, 1398-K-3810/B, had recorded the Baha’i Faith as his religion on his employment application, and this caused [your] office to find this to be an impediment to issuing his [recruitment] directive, the above-named person attempted to file a complaint and wrote to the Prime Minister’s Office.  This led to letter number 37/1082-13447/2 being issued by the Prime Minister’s Office in that regard, and that office has responded to that letter through letters number 1151/123393 and 24575- [dated] 4 Bahman 1337 [24 January 1959].  Since no other orders for action have been issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, we consider this matter closed, and regret that we are not able to validate any period of service by the above-named person.


On behalf of, the Director General of the National Retirement System

Mostafa Kazemi


16689- [Dated] 22 Khordad 1341 [12 June 1962]


A copy is sent to the Communications Office of the Public Railways for their information.  Please instruct them to inform Mr. Abbas Ghavami about it.


Head of the Office of Human Resources.



[Handwritten number]


27 Ordibehesht 1341[17 May 62]


A copy will be sent to Mr. Ghavami for his information.


Head of the Office of Communications and Signs.