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In the Name of God

Date 4 Bahman 1969 [24 January 1991]

His Honour, esteemed Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Head of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, may your successes continue;

Greetings!  With respect, I briefly inform you of the following.  I, Abbas-Ali Zareian-Jahromi, after thirty years, four months and two days of hard work in the oil industry, and honest service from 14 Aban 1329 [5 November 1950] to 15 Esfand 1359 [6 March 1981], received my monthly retirement pension in accordance with the law until Ordibehesht 1361 [April/May 1982] from the Refah-e Kargaran Bank.  However, since Khordad of 1361 [May/June 1982], they have stopped this monthly payment.  This cutting off of payments is against the principles of justice and displeasing to God.  It is also against the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly the principles [Articles] 14-19-20, and especially principle [Article] 23, which relates to the prohibition of interrogation about beliefs, and principle [Article] 29, which relates to social welfare.  My pension has been cut off only because of my religion.

 I have written appeal letters to the authorities, but have faced a lack of attention, or the response has been negative.  Finally, I wrote a letter to the Court of Administrative Justice, but I received a most unfortunate response, as in the attached copy, which says that, “Your complaint does not merit investigation.”  Now, I ask your honour, who is responsible before Divine justice, since I have given the energy of my youth to serving the oil industry, and have not committed any offence, and I have also paid into the social security fund according to the legal conditions and principles of the country, is it fair that today, when I am a broken old man and not able to provide for my family, my legal right to a retirement pension be taken from me solely because I believe in the Baha’i Faith?  Therefore, for the sake of God, and to prevent the loss of my rights, please attend to my plea. 


With expressions of great respect

Abbas-Ali Zareian-Jahromi

Address [redacted]