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The Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran

Official minutes of interrogation and proceeding


Date: 22/4/1387 [12 July 2008]

Number: 2622/13/85

Enclosure: Yes


Page: …..


Applicant         Abbas-Agha Nourani

Respondent      Public Prosecutor’s Office of Semnan

Subject             Propaganda against the Regime

Date                 22 Tir 1387

Branch             13/85

Case                 2622


The decision of Appeal Branch 13 of the Supreme Court, regarding the appeal of Mr. Abbas-Agha Nourani, son of Ali-Nabi, requesting application of the addendum of Article 18 of the Public and Revolutionary Courts Procedures Reform Act enacted in 81 [2002-03], and the stay of execution related to Court Order Number 788-789-782--783-784-785-786-787, dated 30 Shahrivar 85 [21 September 2006] of Branch 4 of the Court of Appeals of Semnan Province, which has confirmed and upheld the judgment of Court Order number H-146, dated 30 Shahrivar 85, of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Semnan Region:  First – concerning the request for a stay of execution of the judgment, since there is no fraud related to its execution, nor is the subject [matter] consistent with the context of Article 30 of the above-mentioned Act and Article 28 of its executive by-law, the request is rejected.  Second – the condemned party mentioned [the applicant], has not presented any evidence or documentation which has legal or judicial value, and which could influence this court and prove his claim.  Third – it appears that there is no obvious fault or problem in the issued judgment that indicates that religious or civil law has been contravened.  Therefore, the request is not acceptable and the [court] has decided to deny [the application].  [The decision] is final and is not subject to appeal.


Court advisers: Seyyed Abolfazl Malakouti – Heshmatollah Nazari [signature]

Head of Appeal Branch 13 of the Supreme Court – Ali Asghar Baghebani [signature]

Assistant member – Seyyed Hosein Bahrami [signature]

Minority [decision] – adviser Ebrahim Lashgari [signature]


[Stamp – This is a true copy – Director of the Office of Appeal Branch 13 of the Supreme Court – signature on stamp]


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13/1303- 22 Tir 87