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Date: 131------ Month: ------


Number: ------



Ministry of Posts, Telegraph, and Telephone

Office: ------

Area: ------

Copy of a telegram with postal code of Sangsar, 26 Khordad 1319 [16 June 1940]


Tehran, Ministry

Pursuant to number 110 – 24 Khordad 1319 [14 June 1940], yesterday, at 18:00 hours, nine Baha’i merchants were taken out of Sangsar by the police agents, [told that they were] being exiled, and they have been turned over to the Security Department of Semnan. Four others are in hiding and the police department is pursuing their arrest.


Number 111 – 25 Khordad 1319 [15 June 1940]



Copy is identical to the original. [Stamped]