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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 25 Dey 1387 (14 January 2009)


Nine Students Were Expelled from Kerman University

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Nine Baha’i students, Bina Momtazi, Sepehr Ghodrat, Mahnoush Dehghan, Ghazal Sadeghi, Daniel Motahhari, Leva Baghi, Niloufar Kanani, Nasim Moattar, and Arman Rowshani, who were all enrolled in Shahid Bahonar University in the past two years and were studying in different colleges, were expelled from the university on 25 Dey 1387 [14 January 2009], in the City of Kerman, without knowing the reason. According to the university’s vice chancellor, the National Education Assessment Organization had instructed the university to prevent Baha’i students from entering, by blocking their online accounts in order to prevent them from selecting courses and registering online for the new semester.

This is the final exam period, and some expelled students were barred from attending the exam session as a result of this order. At the same time, most students who sympathize with Baha’i students have stated that they are willing to sign a petition, strike, or refuse to attend the exam sessions to support their Baha’i friends.