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Order 668, item 7


Starting on 1 Dey 1358 [22 December 1979], eight individuals employed at LOG [logistical] Command Headquarters of NZAJA, are terminated from military service with the Islamic Republic of Iran for their inclinations towards Baha’i ideology. This decision was based on sanctions approved by the cabinet of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and by approval of a five-member committee. Proceedings were recorded in item 2 of general order number 75 of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These individuals are listed below:

  1. Colonel, physician, Nosratollah Ghaemmaghami
  2. Major, ground forces, Masih Yahyavi Saroukolaei
  3. Second Colonel, ordnance, Seyyed Mousa Heydari
  4. First Lieutenant, engineer, Mohammad Nemati Vadeghani
  5. Major, ground forces, Ardeshir Sabeti
  6. Second Colonel, ordnance,  Nasrollah Ettehadi
  7. Major, ground forces, Mansour Towfigh Ghazvini
  8. Captain, ordnance, Parviz Vaghef Moghaddam

The order document 701-3-45 KN, 15 Azar 1358 [6 December 1979], deputy personnel of NZAJA

The Commander of Logistical Administration NZAJA, Staff Colonel Rasteen

Administrative deputy NZAJA, Staff Colonel [Ahankhah]

Director of personnel NZAJA, Colonel Salimi - [signature]

[Stamp:] [Illegible]

Number: 21-3-701-21- General – 19 Azar 1358 [10 December 1979]


The Recipients:

  1. Aide-de-camp of logistical maintenance (administrative) for any actions regarding the officers in rows 5, 7, and 8
  2. Aide-de-camp Amad logistics (administrative) for any actions regarding officers in rows 3 and 6
  3. Commander of Abyek Warehouse, for any actions regarding the officer in row 4
  4. F. [farmandeh/commander] Psh. [poshtibani/support] Gh. [Logistics], for any actions regarding officer in row 1
  5. Directorate of Personnel (Officers Branch), for any actions regarding officer in row 2
  6. Directorate of Amad Logistics (administrative) for any actions regarding all the officers
  7. Directorate of the Artillery Logistics, for any actions regarding all the officers
  8. Commander of Army Barracks in Masjed Soleyman, for any actions regarding officers in rows 5 and 7
  9. Branch of Organization, for its information
  10. Branch of Statistics, for its information
  11. Judiciary Branch of Maintenance Adjutancy, for action
  12. Judiciary Branch Amad’s aide-de-camp, for action
  13. Judiciary Branch of Abyek's depot, for action
  14. Judiciary Branch of Directorate of [illegible] personnel, for action
  15. Judiciary Branch of Masjed Soleyman Barracks, for action
  16. Tariff officer N [Nirou/Force] P [Padegan/Garrison]1, for action
  17. Archives Records of [army] Officers Branch, for action


Acting person: Chief Warrant Officer Azad (289)

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