[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


5/6/42 [27 August 1963]

Minutes [of Administrative Event]


In the presence of the undersigned, 56 volumes of Baha’i books belonging to Mr. Mohammad Labib, holder of passport number [redacted], dated 11/2/41 [1 May 1962], issued in [Tokyo], who, by way of passenger ship, disembarked at Khorramshahr border on 3/6/42 [25 August 1963], and, given that the [imported] books are considered by the Khorramshahr Security Agency as banned and illegal [material], were confiscated as listed below, and a copy of these minutes has been provided to the above mentioned individual as a receipt.


  1. Four volumes of “Badaieol-Asar”
  2. Ten volumes of Arabic and Persian prayer books
  3. “Maedeh-Asemani”, five copies
  4. [illegible] one volume
  5. “Baha’i Children’s Classes”, year 10, one volume
  6. “Borhan Vazeh, one volume
  7. “The Ten Year Plan”, one volume
  8. “[Masnavi] Zarandi”, one volume
  9. “The Queen of Carmel”, ten copies
  10. “The Book of Certitude”, four copies, and 18 volumes of miscellaneous books.


The head of the Shatt Office – Alavi [signed]

Deputy [illegible] – [Nadi] [signed]

Owner of goods: Mohammad Labib [signed]