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Page 11 of Public Order number 75 of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Article 2 – Dismissal


  1. Effective this date of 1 Dey 1358 [22 December 1979], the following group of 51 senior high-ranking officers of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who are followers of the Baha’i sect, are dismissed from serving in the Armed Forces in accordance with the decree of the Board of Ministers [Cabinet] of the Government of the Islamic Republic Government and with the approval of the five-member committee.
  1. Third Lieutenant, Telecommunications:  Seyyed-Ali Zamani
  2. Colonel, Telecommunications:  Hosein Sharifi, son of Ramazan-Ali
  3. Colonel, Telecommunications:  Hosein Sharifi, son of Naser-Gholi
  4. Lieutenant Colonel, Ground Forces: Masoud Farzaneh
  5. Colonel, Ground Forces:  Hosein Fahandej-Sadi
  6. First Lieutenant, Engineer:  Mohammad Nemati-Vadeqani
  7. Colonel, Doctor: Nosratollah Ghaemmaghami
  8. Major, Ground Forces:  Naser Ayyoubzadeh
  9. Major, Judicial:  Daryoush Faranpour
  10. Lieutenant Commander, Electronics:  Houtan Meshkin-Nafas
  11. Lieutenant Commander, Transportation:  Iraj Yazdani
  12. Lieutenant Commander:  Fardad Ghaemi Mahmoudzadeh
  13. Colonel, Dentist:  Houshang Davari
  14. Colonel, Doctor:  Habibollah Yazdani
  15. Colonel, Ground Forces:  Nosratollah Vahdat
  16. Lieutenant Colonel, Artillery:  Ghodratollah Houshidari-Farahani
  17. Lieutenant Colonel, Ground Forces:  Yadollah Shakerinia
  18. Lieutenant Colonel, Ground Forces:  Masoud Farzanegan
  19. Lieutenant Colonel, Ground Forces:  [Sirous] Bastani-Hesari
  20. Lieutenant Colonel:  [Kamiyozia] Taheri
  21. Major, Artillery:  [Samiollah] Tavakkoli
  22. Major, Artillery:  Farhang Hakimi Najafabadi
  23. Major, Adjutancy:  Khosrow Behboudi
  24. Major, Ground Forces:  Manouchehr Hemmati
  25. Lieutenant Colonel, Ground Forces:  Masihollah Yahyavi Sarkalaie
  26. Lieutenant Colonel, Artillery:  Fereidoun Masoumzadeh
  27. Lieutenant Colonel, Ordnance:  Seyyed Mousa Heidari
  28. Major, Artillery:  Farhang Hakimi
  29. Major, Artillery:  Manouchehr Eslahpazir-Esfandiari
  30. Major, Ground Forces:  Ardeshir Sabeti
  31. Lieutenant Colonel, Military Police:  Jamshid Bahram Javidi
  32. Lieutenant Colonel, Ordnance:  Nasrollah Ettehadi
  33. Major, Engineer:  Ataollah Biazar
  34. Major, Engineer:  Misagh Laghaie
  35. Major, Telecommunications:  Naim Anvari
  36. Major, Ground Forces:  Mansour Towfigh -Qazvini
  37. Captain Ground Forces Rouhollah Yazdani
  38. Lieutenant-Colonel Ordinance Lesanollah Fahandej-Sadi
  39. Lieutenant Colonel Ground Forces Houshang Fattahi- Mahforoujaki
  40. Colonel Armored Brigade Mansour Vafaie
  41. Second Lieutenant Medical Asadollah Amri-Hesari
  42. Second Lieutenant ،Transportation Fariborz Karimnia-Nameghi
  43. Major Judicial Javad Rahmani Kalhoroudi
  44. Major Ground Forces Houshang Sazegar
  45. Captain, Medical:  Fereidoun Yazdani
  46. Captain, Artillery:  Firouz Rahmani-Aghdas
  47. Captain, Finances:  Ataollah Zare-Najafabadi
  48. Captain, Finances:  Behrouz Tayrani-Daghighi
  49. Captain, Ordnance: Parviz Vaghef-Moghaddam
  50. First Lieutenant, Adjutancy:  Zabihollah Vojdani
  51. Second Lieutenant, Artillery:  Mostafa Khatibi Esfanjani


Evidence: Letter number 603-05/1-62 - 26 Aban 1358 [17 November 1979] Ministry of National Defence