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Ministry of War and National Defence

(Phone -----)

Number: 603-05-26

Date: 13 Khordad 1359 [3 June 1980]

Enclosure: Six pages as per description

From: ABVAB AJA[1] (Administration Office)

To: Bank Sepah (Salaried Personnel Office)

Subject: Termination of Pension


In the Name of God

Confidential, Direct

Urgent action required

  1. [A list of the] names of 131 personnel, who, due to their adherence to the Baha’i sect, have been dismissed from the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran with their pensions revoked (as if they never existed), and where the order has been published in the General Decree of the Army of Islamic Republic, is included herein as Attachment A.
  2. [A list of the] names of 37 personnel, whose dismissal order has been issued because of [their] being Baha’is, and where the order will shortly be communicated via the Army General Decree, is also attached herein as Attachment B.
  3. Please issue orders:
  1. To take immediate action and stop payments to all personnel listed in Attachment A, as well as to prevent payments to all personnel in Attachment B. These measures will be communicated by this office to the Special Operations Branch of the Ministry of National Defence for registration, and the relevant orders will subsequently be communicated to that bank.
  2. Inform each and every one of them that they can refer to the Department of Insurance and Retirement and fill in the “Non-ideological Propaganda” application form. This form will be sent to the Ministry of National Defence and in case of approval by the Ministry, on resumption of payment, the results will be communicated to that bank.

Head of Pension and Insurance Office of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brigadier General Dr. Ali-Naghi Shayanfar


Attachment A. Number 603-05-26, dated 13 Khordad 1359 [3 June 1980] Abvab Aja

[With Order 84]

1. Infantry Colonel Anvar Mosaddegh Kahnamouie 63080B

2. Artillery Colonel Sohrab Samimi Gharaie 63058B

3. Telecommunications Colonel Farhad Yeganeh Pakzad

4. Infantry Colonel Zia Ighani 63945B

5. Infantry Colonel Kourosh Tolouie 65811B

6. Lieutenant Colonel Veterinarian Ataollah Horrzadeh 65285B

7. Adjutant Major Alijan Akhavan 64711B

[With order 104]

8. Lieutenant General Abdol-Karim Ayadi 59317B

9. Lieutenant General Hosein Rastegar-Namdar 59318B

10. Lieutenant General Asadollah Saniee 31565B

11. Major General Enayatollah Zowghi 60818B

12. Major General Shoaollah Alaie 533 B

13. Brigadier General Ataollah Mogharrabi 50559B

14. Brigadier General Zia Nikoubonyad

15. Brigadier General Jahangir Mehryanejad 62112B

16. Brigadier General Esmail Yazdani 60421B

[With order 75]

17. Brigadier General Mohammad Sahaie 73309RM

18. Telecommunications Third Lieutenant Seyyed Ali Zamani

19. Telecommunications Colonel Hosein Sharifi (Father’s name: Ramazan-Ali)

20. Telecommunications Colonel Hosein Sharifi (Father’s name: Naser-Gholi)

21. Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Farzaneh

22. Infantry Colonel Hosein Fahandej Saadi 60344B

23. First Lieutenant Engineer Mohammad Nemati Vadeghani

24. Colonel Doctor Nosratollah Ghaem-Maghami

25. Infantry Major Naser Ayyoubzadeh

26. Judicial Major Daryoush Faranpour

27. Electronic Naval Major Houtan Meshkin-Nafas

28. Transportation Naval Major Iraj Yazdani 69370RB

29. Naval Major Fardad Ghaemi Mahmoudzadeh

30. Colonel Dentist Houshang Davari 68366RB

31. Colonel Doctor Habibollah Yazdani

32. Infantry Colonel Nosratollah Vahdat

[In order 24]

69. Infantry Colonel Gholam-Hosein Fathi 23029B

70. Colonel Manouchehr Monshizadeh Farahani 55403B

71. Lieutenant Nabi Ghorbani 16798B

72. Equivalent Lieutenant Seifollah Monaseki 29010B

73. Telecommunications Major Shapour Asgarpour 58511B

74. Colonel Doctor Hosein Naji 59992B

75. Brigadier General Veterinarian Ali-Mohammad Barafroukhteh 4348B

76. Colonel Habibollah Salahshoor 64634B

77. Colonel Yadollah Vahdat 4357B

78. Telecommunications Colonel (staff) Amanollah Vosough Tafti 60901B

79. Telecommunications Colonel Hosein Vahdat-i-Hagh 57083B

80. Telecommunications Colonel Mohammad-Ali Pejman Haddadian 61877B

81. Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Noureddin Derakhshan 60900B

82. Telecommunications Colonel Jalal Fazilat 63272B

83. Infantry Colonel Ghodratollah Fanaie Sharifi 16016

84. Telecommunications Colonel Ali-Akbar [illegible]

85. Ordinance Major Daryoush Tahmasebi Ghareshiran

86. Judicial Major Laghaollah Fanaian 64805B

87. Telecommunications Colonel Jahangir Khoshsegal 64917B

88. Infantry Colonel (staff) Mousa Askarpour 63277B

89. Technical Air Force Colonel Sirous Sanavi Tamadon 62575B

90. Colonel of the Army Staff Yousef Berelian

91. Infantry Colonel Abbas Dabirian 20647B

92. Telecommunications Colonel Hasan Rezvani 59326B

93. Lieutenant Colonel Engineer Borzou Lamakan 38518B

94. Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Azamatollah Fahandej

95. Colonel Doctor Mehdi-Gholi Shadman 64460B

96. Colonel Doctor Manouchehr Shafaie 59968B

97. Colonel Doctor Asadollah Bargh [illegible] 63094B

98. Infantry Colonel Sadollah [Asadollah] Vakht-Nezami 64446B

99. Infantry Colonel Parviz Shafie Javid 62624B

100. Colonel Doctor Faramarz Bassari

101. Artillery Colonel Ataollah Eshraghi Najafabadi64796B

102. Music Colonel Azizollah Ahmadian 64937B

103. Adjutant Colonel Kourosh Alaie 640007


Ministry of National Defence

[Official stamp]

Pension and Insurance Office


[Stamp at the top and bottom of page 1] Confidential, Direct stamp

[2 stamps with number and date at the bottom of page 1] Entry registration of the letter

[Stamp and written remarks at the bottom of page 3]



[1] [Acronym:  Pension and Insurance Office of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran]