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Date: 10/7/47 [2 October 1968]



Ministry of Finance,

Customs Head Office


Customs Head Office

This is to report that on 10/7/1347, the banned or prohibited merchandise arrived with a passenger through customs.  It is stated that it was confiscated according to Article 18 of the Customs Tariff Law ........, enacted in Tir 1337 [June/July 1968], and with reference to Article 374 of the Customs Bylaws, by the undersigned, on the date of ......., while inspecting the shipment labelled (package/box/parcel).............dated 10/7/47, that was registered under number..........., and was declared by Mr. Mohammad Labib, according to statement number......, or verbal [statement] as follows:


15 boxes containing maps and printed material related to the Baha’i religion, weighing 436 kilograms, as well as one package of printed pages weighing 6 kilos.


After the merchandise had been examined, it was made clear that the [above] contents matched the contents stated in the written declaration/verbal statement. But, considering the fact that the entry of these goods to the country is prohibited according to the current quota, and is disproportionate to the social conditions of the passengers, the merchandise was confiscated in accordance with Article 18 of the Customs Tariff Law, enacted in Tir of 1337. The passenger who is mentioned below has received a copy of the [report,] which is considered a formal notice, directing that Mr. Mohammad Labib, the owner of the merchandise, may submit [crossed out text] a formal request for return of confiscated merchandise within three months from this date or a formal complaint within six months, to the relevant judiciary office. In case he does not act according to the above procedure, the goods will remain in the permanent possession of the government.


Bazargan Customs Officer


Assessors [2 signatures]


Owner of merchandise: Mohammad Labib



[Handwritten note, number and date at top of page]

Based on section 5 of Article 21 of the Customs Tariff Law for confiscation of goods

344 p. 47