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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Book number: 551



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone


Year: 1316

From: Sangsar

To: T [Tehran]

Receipt number: 207

Telegram number: 3

Number of words: 39

Date of Original: 7

Remarks: ------

Date received: 7 Shahrivar [29 August]

Name of recipient: Bahrami


Mr. Prime Minister,

My husband, Esmail Sajedi, has been in prison without cause for the last thirteen days by the order of Yavar Imam-Gheisi, the police department investigator, because of being a Baha’i. The situation is worrisome. I beg of you to investigate [the matter] and release him.

Zeinab, the wife of Sajedi


[Stamp – The Provincial Department of Telegraph, Tehran, Sending Area 12]

[Stamp: Received by the Cabinet of the Prime Minister]

Date: 8 Shahrivar 1316 [30 August 1937]

Number: 8492

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page:] [Signature] Date: 8 Shahrivar 1316 [30 August 1937]