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Date: 131------

Number: ------



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone

Department: ------

Area: ------

Copy of the secret telegram from Sangsar



The Ministry.

The police department, according to the orders it received from higher authorities, asked Baha’i merchants a few days ago to refrain from closing their shops on days other than official holidays.  Nevertheless, thirteen Baha’i merchants closed their shops on the 22nd of this month [because it coincided] with the [anniversary of the] declaration of Seyyed Ali-Mohammad, the Bab. The police department has reported on this matter.

Based on what we have heard, an order was given today to the police department to exile the violators to localities in Mashhad, and the police department summoned them in order to carry out the order. Subsequently, Ziaollah Mokhtari, one of the aforementioned merchants, took hold of Gholamhosein, the officer who was charged with arresting him, and beat him. Gholamhosein, the police officer, blew his whistle to ask for help. Major Khosravi, the military commander of the county, Chief Constable I (One), Vaziri, and police officer Ya‘ghoub went to the scene of the incident and witnessed the above conditions.

As blood was running down the head and face of the aforementioned agent, the two police officers took the aforementioned merchant to the police department. At this time, the issue is being followed up by the first police department and they [the merchants] have been told to take care of their affairs under the supervision of the police department and get ready to move to localities in Mashhad.

Number 110 – 24 Khordad 1319 [14 June 1940] Postal

Copy is equivalent to the original [stamp] [illegible]