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Baha’i Persecution in Iran

This Archive, which records the persecution of Bahá’ís in Iran, has been established by the Bahá’í International Community in response to rising interest both internationally and within Iran to understand the depth and breadth of this persecution.  The documents shed light on the decades-long, systematic, and ongoing persecution of the Baha’is, instigated by the clergy and by the government.

Long Period of History

Although most of the documents on this website are related to the decades following the Islamic revolution in 1979, there are many that date back a long time prior to the revolution.

Wide Range of Themes

They cover a wide range of persecutions, including systematic discrimination, arrest and imprisonment, execution, economic oppression, exclusion from education, acts of destruction and violence, and incitement to hatred.  Over time, the archive will contain thousands of documents, mostly text documents, but also audio and visual records, many of which are being made publicly available for the first time. 

Each document is available as a digital scan of the original and in a text-searchable format.  In time, all materials will be available in both Persian and English.

Improving the Archives

Individuals and families are welcome to send their documents or other records of persecution for possible inclusion on this site.  Visitors may subscribe to receive notifications on additions to the website.

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